Posted by: S. L. Doss | August 18, 2013

Principles to Live By #1 (part 1)


What does it really mean to put God first? And how do I put Him first while still functioning in this world? Surely I’m not supposed to move to a remote mountain and spend every waking moment in prayer and meditation, forsaking my family, my job, simply so that God is first (and only) in my life. When I look at God’s Word, especially Christ’s and the Apostles’ lives, they didn’t do this. So how do I put God first?

Even though I’ve been in church for over 20 years, I still struggled with this concept. Oh, I’ve tried to serve Him with my whole heart, teaching Sunday School, performing dramas for services, running the projector. But even so, I’ve felt like something was missing. Now after studying scriptures and researching online (thank you, Google!), I think I finally have a clue.

Trust completely that He has forgiven our sins.

How many of us find it difficult, if not impossible, to forgive ourselves? Just the other day, I made an error on our payroll at work, and I’ve been beating myself up for it. Yes, it was a mistake. Yes, it should not have been missed. But we were able to correct it fairly easily and I’ve made changes in our processes so it won’t happen again.

But I keep whipping myself, which then affects my attitude. I’m upset, so I’m not as focused, which then leads to more errors. Eventually, I’ll feel like I can’t do my job, so I might as well quit.

It’s the same way with God. If we can’t accept His forgiveness, then we are essentially saying He can’t do His job. And then we are putting our failings above Him. He is not first.

Don’t look to people for answers and validation.

People are fickle and weak. Even our friends and family cannot be perfectly understanding and supportive all the time. They have off days, and may react hurtfully or unconcernedly. If we measure our worth against the people around us, we’ll be on an emotional roller coaster, unbalanced, not at peace.

Also, we humans do not have the answers. We didn’t create the world. We cannot see the future. We don’t know. And this lack of knowledge could direct someone else down a wrong path.

Look at Job. He was doing everything right. So right, in fact, that God was even bragging about him. When Satan’s attacks came, God knew that Job would stay strong and that his lot in life would be better and richer in the end. But the human friends believed there was secret sin in Job’s life. They counseled him to repent. They sat there in the mullygrubs, sorrowful. Even Job’s wife told him to curse God and die.

What would’ve happened if he’d listened to them? He would’ve lost everything, and not seen the mighty power and blessing of God.

Going to God for our answers and validation will keep us in perfect peace, knowing He will not lead us astray. Even if we don’t understand why He allows certain things in our life, we know we can trust Him to work it all out. And in the end, we’ll have abundant life and even greater understanding of who He is.

(To be continued….)



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