Posted by: S. L. Doss | November 17, 2014

Principles to Live By #8


Sometimes, when life just seems too hard to bear, I wonder what God has against me. You know what I mean? One thing after another goes wrong, and no matter how hard I pray, or how much I try to trust God, nothing seems to work and it seems like the heavens are made of brass. Recently, we experienced a time of trouble like this. My car needed a repair. I thought, based on research online, that I would only need my power steering motor replaced, which was a little pricy but not outrageous. However, it ended up that I needed a new steering column, too, and the cost was 2 and 1/2 months’ worth of rent! Ouch! I went to an independent mechanic who had worked on our extended family’s vehicles for years and would be able to do the repair less expensively, but he wasn’t able to get the part in as soon as I needed, nor was he sure he’d be able to do the repair since it was such an unusual part. So, I had to go to the dealership instead.

We prayed for God to intervene and somehow provide the funds to cover the repairs, but to no avail. Then we had other situations rise up which impacted us financially, and I almost despaired. Was God angry at me? We were trying to live right, pay our tithes, give in offerings, be good stewards of our money and finally pay down some debt. But how could we catch up on bills when we had to pay for car repairs?

Even health-wise, sometimes it seems like God was deaf to our cries, and was keeping us from blessings, instead heaping trouble upon trouble on our heads. His word says he would put no more on us than we could bear, right?

If you’re his child, you must believe he wants what is best for you.

When I look at this situation from a parent’s perspective, I can see why God did not swoop in and solve our problems. One reason is because we have been consistently weak in the financial area, overspending sometimes instead of saving for a rainy day. Or, just not planning well. What parent doesn’t want their child to learn responsibility? Even if it’s hard to let your child fail, sometimes failure is the only way the child will learn and grow.

Also, we haven’t always been faithful in our stewardship. So why would God continually reward bad behavior? He wants us to be mature, faithful, responsible adults, and sometimes we have to learn that the hard way.

And, his best for us is not necessarily what we think is best. We would think that a “special handshake” (where someone in the church hands money to someone in need, either directly, or through the pastor) or an anonymous check in the mail would be in order. Why not? He’s done it for others, why not us?

But what if his best is something different? We’ve learned through this particular situation that we really can trust God, and that somehow he has stretched our budget to take care of our immediate needs. Oh, sure, we’re still behind on rent, but shortly after we had the car repaired, we got a notice in the mail that there was a recall for the exact part that went bad. And the company would reimburse the cost of repairs already completed if done by the dealership! So, in the end, we received most of the cost back, which resulted in the final amount to be considerably less than what our family’s mechanic would have charged. God really did take care of us.

He can see the future.

He knows what is coming before it ever hits us. Sometimes he steers us around it, sometimes we go through it. But we can trust Him to be with us every step of the way. He is a faithful Father, loving, gentle, but firm, teaching us to be well-rounded, mature Christians. So, even when all heaven is falling, somehow, some way, He will make it good.

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” – Psalm 84:11



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