Posted by: S. L. Doss | August 1, 2015

Principles to Live By #11


This journey has been a long one, with a very convoluted path that took a huge detour for a few months, but now we’ve reached the end. We have looked at 10 principles over the past 2 years that will dictate the outcome of our lives and will help us succeed if we apply them:

#1 – Put God first.
#2 – Don’t worry about what others are doing or not doing.
#3 – Cast down imaginations.
#4 – Keep your mind and heart pure by thinking and meditating on good things.
#5 – Make things right today.
#6 – Realize you won’t be tempted more than you can bear.
#7 – Understand all things work together for good.
#8 – You have to believe that God is not keeping you from good.
#9 – Whatever you do, give it your very best.
#10 – Read the Word often.

The very last principle is really not the last principle at all. Don’t quit. Keep applying these principles every day. If you falter, don’t quit. Don’t give up and say it’s impossible. With God, nothing is impossible. He cares for you and me. He helps us, regardless whether anyone else around us cares. If we think on good things, we keep a positive attitude and outlook, and our lives are better. If we forgive, we are forgiven and not tormented by the poison that doesn’t hurt the other person, only ourselves. If we trust God, we know he will make everything work out according to his will, which will be far better than what we could come up with on our own. Just give this your best. And don’t quit.

“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;” — II Timothy 3:14



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