Posted by: S. L. Doss | August 9, 2015

God is Like Pooh Bear

When our son was very small, we started teaching him about God. We told him about heaven, about how God is a spirit, and though we can’t see Him, He’s always with us.

We found, though, that Alex had trouble with these concepts. It was hard for him to comprehend an invisible God; after all, a game of peek-a-boo was more like exist-not exist to him. If I was out of sight, I ceased to be. Leaving for work was traumatic because I was there, and now I’m gone…time was a foreign language to him.

So, how did I relate God’s omnipresence to my three-year-old? Well, I told him that God is like Pooh Bear.

PoohBearMy husband and I bought this little stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy just before Alex was born, and Alex has cherished the animal ever since. When I would leave for work, I’d take Pooh Bear and snuggle him, “filling his love tank” so that if Alex missed me during the day, he could soak up my love when he needed to.

He took Pooh Bear everywhere: to church, to the store, to the gas station; he would’ve even taken Pooh Bear to preschool if we’d let him! Pooh Bear was his best friend, his comfort, his security, his playmate. How many times would I overhear Alex talking to Pooh Bear as if Pooh Bear was talking back?

God is like Pooh Bear. He’s our best friend, our comfort, our security. He even wants to be our playmate, sharing in every joy we experience. And we can talk to Him as if He was talking back, because He does!

Alex is a bit older now and doesn’t need to have Pooh Bear by his side 24/7. But he still needs him at night, and we still do the love tank sometimes. But Alex is old enough to understand more abstract concepts, and realizes that God is still real, God is still always there, and Alex can’t forget Him at the store or leave Him at church and need mommy to go traipsing around searching for Him. Alex also knows that even though he can’t hug God like he does Pooh Bear, he instead holds God in his heart.

Maybe we need to be more childlike and let God be like Pooh Bear for us, too.

“The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” – Zephaniah 3:17



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