Posted by: S. L. Doss | March 4, 2016

Crazy, part 2

Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, we were very busy parents with a home business trying to get off the ground and just starting 2 ministries and homeschooling our son.

Isn’t that pretty crazy? Why in the world would I take on so much? Well, part of it is because we felt it was God’s will and calling on our lives, partly because we wanted something better for our son, and just because…well, yeah, we’re crazy!

I told you that this wasn’t all…

We started homeschooling in July because Alex was so excited he didn’t want to wait until the regular school year started. So we began the curriculum. After a few weeks, we found that he was getting restless. Now, I’ve read a lot of posts about the first year of homeschooling, and how there’s so much “de-schooling” that goes on, that I expected hiccups. But we were seeing that Alex was getting bored. Not because the lessons were too easy, but because everything was on the computer. He’s the active, hands-on type, and sitting in a computer chair for hours to do his work was not good for him. So I began reworking the plans to add some off-computer activity.

I spent hours on Pinterest (love it!). I spent hours rewriting lessons to make them hands-on. I spent hours….well, you get the idea. The year is not over yet, and we’ve reworked the curriculum three times. Three times! We’ve also reworked the schedule, going from a normal 5-day school year to 4 days per week all year around (with time off spread throughout the year instead of all summer). We’ve had to cut lessons from the original curriculum because he had mastered the skill and didn’t need the weeks of “review” and “practice,” which then caused me to scramble to find something to fill the void. Needless to say, I’m creating the lessons a week at a time sometimes, just to barely keep ahead. Next year will be better….now that we have an idea of what works….I hope!

Before the school year started, my husband and I sat down and had a serious heart-to-heart about our web design business. We had been trying to get it off the ground since 2008. Of course, part of the problem was the lack of financial means to advertise…we really did find out it takes money to make money. Another part of the problem was that it really wasn’t something he was interested in, and the only reason he pursued it was because it was seemingly the only viable option to work from home and make decent money (which we did not). So, after nursing this business along far longer than we should have, we decided to close shop. The deciding factor was that my husband discovered a joy in blogging about food. He is an excellent cook, and the primary cook of the home, and he realized that he could share his passion with others….and after almost a year, he has over 600 followers on his blog! So now he posts 3 times a week, on top of preaching, teaching Sunday School every three weeks, running the overhead, being the primary teacher for our son….

Yeah, we’re crazy. But before I close this post, I want to share something awesome I’ve discovered through all of this….I love compiling and writing curriculum. I’ve always loved to write, and in fact, have a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. But I’ve yet to complete a story (time is the biggest factor). I’m having so much fun creating the curriculum and finding ideas and putting it all together…it’s like I found my niche, my purpose, my heartbeat. So, I’m going to add this adventure to all the other subjects I write about here. And, maybe I can help someone else along in their homeschooling adventure, too….Life may be crazy right now, more than usual, but I’m also finding myself crazy happy!



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