Posted by: S. L. Doss | September 2, 2016


My son had a toy a few years ago, probably from a cereal box, that was a fish or whale that would open up to reveal a skeleton inside. It was really cool, because the shell was transparent enough to see the skeleton, and the “bones” were glow-in-the-dark, giving an eerie, ghost-like effect at night.

The most important thing to know about glow-in-the-dark items is that they have to “charge up” to work. They have to be exposed to light for a certain period of time, or they will not glow in the dark. The size of the object and the material it’s made of determine the amount of time of exposure. The length of exposure can also determine how long or how strong the item will glow. Sometimes it even matters whether you expose the item to natural instead of artificial light. Regardless, they must soak up that light in order to work.

My son didn’t realize this, however, and was very disappointed when the skeleton didn’t glow that evening. He had put it in a drawer for safekeeping; he found out quickly that hiding it away defeated its purpose.

We are the same way. If we are Christians, we are the light of the world. The light we shine is not our own, however; we are a reflection of Christ’s light. We in essence have to “soak up” His light so that we can shine in the darkness, so we can “glow in the dark.”

We must spend time in the Light in order to charge up. We must dwell in His presence and draw close to Him. If we go without prayer, or Bible reading, or worship, or fellowship with Him, then we are basically hiding ourselves in a drawer. We are cutting ourselves off from the Source of the light, and we’ll not be able to glow in the gross darkness of this sinful world. Instead, the darkness will overtake us. We will defeat our purpose.

Just like the skeleton that is exposed to only a few minutes of light glows for only seconds, we cannot glow very long without long exposure to Christ. This doesn’t mean that we must read our Bible 24 hours each day, or walk around with our hands in the air, worshipping Him all day long. This means we must spend regular, dedicated time with Him. Daily Bible reading. Daily prayer. Faithful church attendance. A worshipful heart. A mind stayed on Jesus. All these will ensure that we stay “charged up” and able to shine bright enough in the dark that not only are we able to walk our path safely, but able to even light up someone else’s path, too.

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” – John 8:12



  1. What a beautiful message. You’re absolutely right about spending time in His Light so that we don’t get lost in the dark.


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